Research Strands

CRAFTVALUE will focus on three key research strands: reception, negotiation and production. The relationship of design and making will be addressed by analysing evidence of negotiation between craftsman, architect and client, such as contracts, specifications, annotated drawings and related correspondence. This is a challenging topic as so much creative collaboration consisted of on-site dialogue. However, through sustained archival research tangible insight into the process is achievable.

Production, particularly development and maintenance of quality in craftsmanship, will be analysed through guild and apprenticeship records, valuations and the evidence of modern conservation. Specific buildings will provide a focus for each of the three research strands and will be determined by archival discovery together with the findings of ongoing conservation projects in Britain and Ireland.

To understand the reception or understanding of craftsmanship in the eighteenth century we will explore travel literature, professional treatises, journals and correspondence in order to determine the level of discernment among clients, occupants and viewers of buildings.

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