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CRAFTVALUE study trip to Yorkshire, June 2022

The CRAFTVALUE team has just returned from a week long visit to several country houses across Yorkshire. The study trip also included a visit to the Sheffield City Archives. A particular highlight was being shown around Aldby Park with the Chippendale Society. Other destinations included Castle Howard, Wentworth Woodhouse, Beningbrough Hall, and Cusworth Hall.

The Buildings of Ireland

Christine Casey paid a surprise tribute to her friend and mentor Alistair Rowan at the symposium of the Buildings of Ireland Charitable Trust in Cork on Saturday 28 May 2022. CRAFTVALUE’S Andrew Tierney spoke on the challenges of completing Central Leinster (2019) and architect John Tuomey formally launched Frank Keohane’s volume Cork: City and County (2020).

Christine Casey in the Royal Irish Academy Members Research Series

In the Royal Irish Academy Members Research Series (August 30 2021) Professor Christine Casey argues for the role of creative craft skill as a primary agent in architectural production, and for a reframing of craftsmanship as a tangible exemplar for a dangerously cerebral society.

Melanie Hayes, 14 Henrietta Street: Georgian Beginnings, 1750-1800 (Dublin City Council Culture Company, 2021) 95pp 

Congratulations to CRAFTVALUE’s Melanie Hayes, whose new book was published in May 2021.

Melanie features in a series of video interviews conducted by Dublin City Council Culture Company, which look at some of the key historical research, conservation and restoration work that went in to creating the museum at 14 Henrietta Street.

14 Henrietta Street: Making a Museum Meeting- meet the authors, Dr Melanie Hayes, eps. 1- 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFluM2wFYjA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9pjm4mwA9Q&t=7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLFP3iLxXTw&t=4s https://www.youtube.com/watch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T5wivHNE7g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfXZFkU4KkA

Desmond Guinness Prize 2020.

Congratulations to CRAFTVALUE’s Nele Lüttmann, who received the Irish Georgian Society’s Desmond Guinnes Prize 2020 for her research on German architects in Britain and Ireland, 1700-1750.

The Hon. Desmond Guinness (1931-2020); Image: Amelia Stein.

The prize is awarded annually by the Irish Georgian Society for original primary research on Irish art and architecture. The prize money will be used for a one-week visit to the Niedersachsen Federal State Archive. So far, research regarding the placement of Richard Castle and Johann Gottlieb Borlach in England has never been conducted in the stately inventory of the Electorate of Hanover at the Niedersachsen Federal State Archive. However, records of diplomatic officers delegated from or to Hanover on behalf of George I and II might allow identifying individuals that were responsible for Castle’s and Borlach’s migration to England.

The Best Address in Town: Henrietta Street, Dublin and Its First Residents, 1720-80. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2020. Melanie Hayes.

Congratulations to CRAFTVALUE’s Melanie Hayes, whose new book was published in December 2020, with a foreword by Christine Casey.

Once Dublin’s most exclusive residential street, throughout the eighteenth century Henrietta Street was home to the country’s foremost figures from church, military and state. Here, in this elegant setting on the north side of the city, peers rubbed shoulders with property tycoons, clerics consorted with social climbers and celebrated military men mixed with the leading lights of the capital’s beau monde, establishing one the principal arenas of elite power in Georgian Ireland. Looking behind the red-brick facades of the once-grand Georgian town houses, this richly illustrated volume focuses on the people who originally populated these spaces, delineating the rich social and architectural history of Henrietta Street during the first fifty years of its existence.

Now available to order on  https://www.fourcourtspress.ie/books/2020/the-best-address-in-town/ and all good bookstores.

Listen to Melanie’s radio interview on the Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk FM, 23rd November 2020.      https://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/highlights-from-the-pat-kenny-show/the-best-address-in-town-henrietta-street 

Listen to Melanie chatting about the book with author Peter Sirr in  Episode 29, Books for Breakfast podcast, 13th May 2021: https://booksforbreakfast.buzzsprout.com/1162427/8497822-29-moya-cannon-s-collected-the-best-address-in-town-nan-shepherd

Colvin Prize commendation, Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain of 2020. December 2020.

Congratulations to CRAFTVALUE’s Andrew Tierney who received the commendation in the Colvin prize competition of the Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain of 2020. The Colvin Prize is awarded annually to the author or authors of an outstanding work of reference that relates to the field of architectural history, broadly conceived. This year it was awarded to the ‘monumental’ Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture jointly edited by Catherine Gregg and Murray Fraser, and containing contributions from 88 international experts, and produced in partnership by RIBA, UCL and Bloomsbury Press. Andrew’s monograph Central Leinster (Yale University Press, 2019) was singled out for commendation by the jury.


Past Events

  • Melanie HAYES, Trinity College Dublin, “Crafted Legacies: Artisans’ Wills in Early Georgian Britain”. The Eighteenth-Century Last Will and Testament. American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies conference, Baltimore, 31 March-2 April 2022.
  • Artisans and Architects (1660-1760), International Conference and Webinar, Trinity College Dublin, in person/online, 7-8 April 2022.
binary comment
Classical buildings depend for their surface effects on high skills in masonry, joinery, carving and modelling. This paper will discuss ongoing research at Trinity College Dublin on craftsmanship in the eighteenth-century architecture of Britain and Ireland with emphasis on the material achievement of the classical orders and their attendant decoration in stone, wood, and plaster. It will also consider evidence for a cohesive Anglo-Irish building culture in the period.
  • The Stones of Dublin‘, Prof Christine Casey, Cambridge Group for Irish Studies (online), 23 November 2021, 08:30 PM (GMT)
  • ‘Pride and prejudice: perspectives on ornament and craftsmanship in architecture’, Christine Casey,  ‘Perspectives’: a symposium to mark the contribution of Dr Yvonne Scott (FTCD) to Irish visual culture studies. The Neil Hoey Theatre, The Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, 13 November 2021.
  • ‘Reassembling the stone: the afterlife of an Irish country house’, Andrew Tierney, Architecture and Endurance, European Architectural History Network Thematic Conference, Ankara, 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2021
  • Craftsmanship in the architecture of County Kildare‘, Andrew Tierney, County Kildare Archaeological Society, Online, 8 July 2021.
  • ‘Georgian beginnings: building and occupying 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin, 1750-1780’, Melanie Hayes. Teatime Talks: 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin. Online, June 2021.
  • ‘Material impact: furnishing, fitting-out & functionality in the aristocratic house’, Melanie Hayes, Species of domestic spaces: house and home in eighteenth-century Ireland, convened by the School of Art History and Cultural Policy, UCD. Online, 18 June 2021.https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/species-of-domestic-spaces-house-and-home-in-eighteenth-century-ireland-tickets-150461254663.
  • A cultural exchange: The Anglo-Irish in Hanoverian London’, Melanie Hayes, Georgian London Revisited, Georgian Group Symposium. Online, 22 May 2021. https://georgiangroup.org.uk/2021/02/25/georgian-london-revisited/.
  • ‘European craftsmen in northern England in the eighteenth century’, Christine Casey, Northern Architectural History Society, Online, 19 May 2021.
  • Pride and prejudice: the eighteenth-century interior in the historiography of British architecture, Christine Casey, Interiors for Display: The art of the eighteenth-century interior in the Dutch Republic and Europe, Leiden University, 15th April 2021.
  • ‘Crafting Connections: Domestic Building in Dublin in the eighteenth century’, Melanie Hayes, Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 12th April 2021.
  • Too many virtuosi: high gestural skill as a driver of the early modern stucco industry’, Christine Casey. Virtuosités. Éthique et esthétique du geste technique du Moyen Âge au xixe siècle, Institut d’histoire moderne et contemporaine, Paris, Friday 15th January 2021.
  • ‘Surface value: ways of seeing decoration in architecture’, Christine Casey, Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain online seminar series, 7th December 2020.
  • ‘European craftsmen in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland’, Christine Casey. Royal Dublin Society, Library Speaker Series, December, 2020. This lecture explores the lives and works and migrant craftsmen in the long eighteenth century.
  • ‘CRAFTVALUE: craftsmanship and its conservation in the architecture of Britain and Ireland’, International Conference, Regent House, Trinity College Dublin, in person/online, 30th October 2020.
  • ‘Later Palladian Country Houses’, Christine Casey, Irish Georgian Society Autumn lecture series, ‘Architecture of the Irish Country House,’ City Assembly House, Dublin/online, 27th October 2020.
  • ‘The dynamics of migrant craftsmanship in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland’, Interpreting Italians Abroad, Institute of Art History in Erlangen, Germany, 23rd October 2020
  • ‘Early Palladian Country Houses’, Melanie Hayes, Irish Georgian Society Autumn lecture series, ‘Architecture of the Irish Country House.’ City Assembly House, Dublin/online, 20th October 2020.
  • ‘The country house in post-Restoration Ireland’, Andrew Tierney, Irish Georgian Society Autumn lecture series, ‘Architecture of the Irish Country House.’ City Assembly House, Dublin/ online, 13th October 2020.
  • Presentation on ‘Recrafting Parliament’, CRAFTVALUE team, Christine Casey, Andrew Tierney and Melanie Hayes, as part of the Irish Research Council supported research at the Dublin Festival of History Dublin Festival of History, ‘Lost Property’ panel discussion, Sat. 27th September 2020.   http://dublinfestivalofhistory.ie/events/lost-property/  
  •  ‘Craftsmanship in the architecture of Central Leinster’, Andrew Tierney, Irish Architectural Archive, Culture Night, 18th September 2020
  • “A classic and polished taste…” Architecture and craftsmanship in early Georgian Dublin.’ Melanie Hayes. Dublin Festival of History. Dr Steevens’ Hospital. 11th September  2020. https://dublinfestivalofhistory.ie
  •  ‘Craftsmanship in the architecture of Central Leinster’, Andrew Tierney, Irish Architectural Archive, Heritage Week, 24th August 2020   https://twitter.com/Arch_Archive/status/1297882089208127488  
  • ‘Covid 19 and the future of architecture’,  Christine Casey, TCD Inspiring Ideas, 8th July 2020, webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MGJLOmfziU     
  • ‘Recrafting parliament: a virtual dialogue with a lost interior’, short-film paper. Andrew Tierney & Melanie Hayes. Connections – Exploring Heritage, Architecture, Cities, Art, Media Virtual Conference, Organised by University of Kent, Canterbury & AMPS, 29-30th June 2020. 
  • ‘European craftsmen in eighteenth-century Britain and Ireland’ Christine Casey, RDS Library Speaker Series, 26th June 2020.  
  • ‘Making a Museum: the story of MOLI’, Christine Casey, contributor to RTE documentary, 16th June 2020: https://www.rte.ie/player/movie/making-a-museum-the-story-of-moli-e1/140191784415             
  • ‘CRAFTVALUE: cutting edge research on architectural production’, Christine Casey, MPhil seminar in Art History, 10th March 2020, Department of the History of Art and Architecture TCD  
  • ‘Craftsmanship and building for display’, Christine Casey, Irish Georgian Society, City Assembly House, 19th November 2019 
  • ‘Craftsmanship in the architecture of Trinity College Dublin’, Christine Casey, Office of Public Works and international working group of parliamentary architects, 19th November 2019
  • ‘Dressing the skeleton: craftsmanship and 18th century architecture’, Christine Casey, TCD Department of the History of Art and Architecture Research Day, 10th November 2019

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